Friday, November 5, 1999

If I have an appliance rated as 9V 150mA and an eliminator which gives an output rating of 9V 1 Amp, is it OK? If I remember correctly, the voltage has to be exact, but the eliminator amperage output rating should be equal to or more than the appliance. Am I right? Yes. However, if the appliance were to short or not have as many safety features and you were to touch a appliance part that can shock you, you would basically provide a least resistance path for the current causing the eliminator to send its maximum rated AMP output through your body. THAT can be dangerous. So yes, it will work but be careful - even a camera flash capacitor can shock you by discharging if you touch the insides of a camera flash (personal experience where I didn't realize that the capacitor may be

charged) .

Answer courtesy Murtuza Vasowalla

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